Share and Stock

A ‘share’ refers to a share in a company that a member of the public can buy. By purchasing a share, that individual becomes, in a limited sense, a part-owner of the company. A company that allows the public to buy stocks is known as a ‘publicly-listed company’.

The question arises why the original owners who founded and established the company would give away a part of their firm to people they will likely never meet or know. The answer is capital growth. By selling a limited part of the company, the owners receive an injection of cash that allows them to expand the company further. Meanwhile, they do not lose ownership or control over the general direction that the company takes.

On the other hand, an individual who purchases a share of a company, in essence, pegs their investment to the company’s fortunes. A rise in share value, aided in part by their purchase of the company’s stock, generates profit. That profit is proportional to the percentage increase of the share value from the day that they made the purchase.

Companies also reward shareholders with dividends, which are a share of the company’s operating profits. These dividends are paid out periodically to the shareholders in proportion to the amount of stock they hold.

The trading of shares has long been one of the safest investments that you can make in a private capacity. A diverse stock portfolio is a reliable way to increase your own capital, both in the long and the short terms.

A large part of the popularity of stock trading is that anyone can learn how to trade stocks without any extensive education or training.

Shares CFDs Trading Conditions

One of the simplest and most convenient ways to trade in stocks is through a CFD (Contract for Differences). As the name suggests, it refers to a contract made whose value depends on the difference between the opening and closing value of a stock.

With Shares CFDs at Horizon Gold, you can invest in stocks in a particular market without any direct ownership of the stocks themselves. It is the simple and convenient way to invest in a promising market if you do not have direct access to it.

Popular Shares

The value of the stock of a company fluctuates through the day and this movement depends on factors like:

- Overall market sentiment
- Area of specialization and industry performance
- Recent and upcoming changes to the industry
- Profit and loss expectations
- Stability or instability within the company
- The severity of each factor affects how drastic the upward or downward trend in share price is. The most popular shares are of companies which are best placed to make profits in the near future. They may be legacy stocks like Ford and Microsoft or more recent entrants like Tesla.

Their popularity is a reflection of the market’s assessment of their upcoming performance, as a rise in share price that indicates a positive outlook for the company. Other companies come into the limelight based on developments or innovations that leave them best placed to make massive profits. Because the value of shareholders’ investments rises when this is the case, such companies quickly make the ‘stocks to trade’ list of investment experts.

Advantages of Stocks and Shares Trading on Horizon Gold

Horizon Gold trading platform brings together some of the most popular features of online trading. At its core is a simple and transparent system that gives you unprecedented control over your own investments.

Using Horizon Gold is perhaps the simplest way to trade stocks online as there are no physical documents to exchange. All you need is an initial setup that connects your details to the account in which you want your profits to be credited.

When you trade using your Horizon Gold account, all formalities of shares trade and exchanges are handled by us. This means that you get to enjoy the freedom to trade stocks without any of the complications.

The other irresistible advantage is perpetual trading access, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. As long as a bourse is open for trading, you can use your Horizon Gold account to trade in stocks listed on it.

This suite of exclusive benefits makes Horizon Gold one of the rising stars of the online investment market. Thousands of private and professional traders have already joined us and improved their portfolios. Join them today.